My daughter and I started out with West Coast Martial Arts in Modesto and were there for about four years and then we moved to this area and have carried on with West Coast Martial Arts in Roseville for another four years.

We’ve been very happy at both facilities and are continuing to attend on a regular basis.  One of the neat things about West Coast is that it lacks the closed mindset that some martial arts have about their art being the BEST art and looking down on every other school.

At West Coast the attitude is that all martial arts have something interesting to teach and that we enrich ourselves by learning whatever we can from whomever we can and whatever art they happen to be teaching.  So while our “base art” (if you will) is Taekwondo, we’ve been learning things from jiujitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, escrima, MMA, etc, etc.

The openmindedness means that there will always be something new to learn at this school and to see that openmindedness cultivated in the kids is a wonderful thing as it means they’ll grow up with hearts open to everything that life has to offer and will have a much more enjoyable life as a result!

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Kanwal G

This is not just an ordinary Karate school, it has something for everyone. The training curriculum has a unique blend of both traditional plus modern arts and  teaching methods. There is something in the curriculum to appeal to all, from Korea’s Tae Kwon Do (Karate), American/Thai Kick Boxing and Boxing, Submission Grappling and BJJ through to Filipino Eskrima Weapons.

I have been a student of West Coast World Martial Arts for 10 years and it has been a pleasure to watch both of my girls blossom from tiny children into both Black Belts and amazing young adults through the physical training and most importantly personal development offered by the program and it’s outstanding instructors. The goal is not just to buy a a Black Belt, it’s excellence in all areas of life and kids love to be at the school, even outside of training time.

In addition to the kids program, there is an adult program that enables participation at your own pace whether you become one of the dedicated group of hardcore “full-on” MMA style training or a more laid back training style. The instruction is family friendly and the extend martial arts family is the cornerstone of KJN Espinoza, the school’s Master.

While at the school, you could also check out the new (2018)  SELF DEFENSE (KAPAP) classes.

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Steve H.
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