Seminars, Camps, Tournaments, Kid's Night Out

We offer various seminars and camps throughout the year that help our students in their martial arts training and in their every day lives. 



Self Defense Seminars

We hold Women’s Self Defense Seminars that provide safety lessons and different ways to protect our attendees in dangerous situations. If you would like to host a Self Defense Seminar, feel free to contact us!



We host in school Tournaments for our students to compete in Forms, Gladiator Challenge, and Sparring! Tournaments are a great way to showcase the forms our students know and bring out the competing spirit in our school.



A week long camp that helps our Basic students go over their curriculum and earn almost 3 months’ worth of training in one week. It's a great way for our students to get ahead or catch up with their curriculum. We typically hold 4 CANI camps a year.


Kid's Night Out

A night of fun where the parents drop off their kids for about 3 hours and we get to hang out with them by playing games such as parachute, obstacle course, basketball, etc. and with pizza provided of course!

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