The main focus of West Coast Martial Arts Roseville is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Our purpose is to develop oneself physically, mentally, spiritually, and to have good character. Our teachings are combinations of techniques from Tae Kwon Do, Muy Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and Filipino Escrima.

Each student is a top priority in and out of the classroom. Our MMA system is developed to create martial artists that can adapt quickly to an ever changing world and teach students how to remain safe.


Little Dragon

Created by Master Ernie Reyes, this program is an introduction to Martial Arts for children ages 4 - 7. It's fun, high energy and teaches life skills, rather than just kicking and punching.



There are classes for children 7 and up, adult classes, and combined classes where adults can train with their children. In the Basic Program, students begin their journey toward a West Coast World Martial Arts Black Belt. Attending 2 - 3 classes per week, students advance through a series of colored belts, testing every few months.


Black Belt Club

Once reaching the rank of Green Belt, most students join the Black Belt Club. Complete with a new style of uniform, extra classes and discounts on merchandise, students continue their journey towards a Black Belt.



Our XPT program focuses on the highest level of Martial Arts Training. Our XPT class is offered for students who want to expand their Martial Arts We offer training to be more focused on our black belt techniques, weapons, as well as advanced kicking techniques. They also have an opportunity to be part of our demo team and perform at various events and functions.

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