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We are a part of the West Coast World Martial Arts (WCWMA) Association, comprised of more than 40 schools. Founded in 1975, WCWMA prides itself in having outstanding students inside and outside of class.

Ernie Reyes’s West Coast World Martial Arts (WCWMA) system is a unique and dynamic martial arts program designed for people of all ages.

Our WCWMA schools have over 40 years of martial arts teaching experience. By joining our dynamic martial arts program for all ages, you will begin an empowering, exciting, and action-packed martial arts journey with our WCWMA system. We provide classes for students from 4 years old to 60+ years old!

Our mixed martial arts system consists of practical self-defense; Korean Tae Kwon Do; the art of kicking, boxing, kickboxing; submission grappling; ground fighting; Filipino knife and stick fighting; and Japanese and Chinese weapon. Our system also focuses on good health, fitness, and conditioning!

Special classes and seminars are offered to share knowledge on personal and family protection.

A positive martial arts way of life is also integrated in our WCWMA system. Students learn the importance of perseverance, goal setting, mental-state management through martial arts training, the indomitable spirit to never quit, and respect and discipline built on the foundation of a powerful work ethic. These are only a few of the personal life skills that students will learn at WCWMA Association schools.

Students learn how to become peak performers in martial arts, combative arts, and performance arts by studying our WCWMA Black Belt Success System.

Our WCWMA Association has been featured in every national martial arts magazine in the world for developing extraordinary black belts and students.

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