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KJN Charlie Espinoza
KJN Charlie Espinoza
I started with West Coast Martial Arts in 1994. I am currently a 6th degree black belt. I first started teaching martial arts in 1996. I opened up West Coast Martial Arts Roseville on February 24, 2002. I enjoy teaching because when I look back on my life, I think about how I could have done better if I had only had someone to teach me. I desire to be that person for others, helping them, no matter the age, to become their best at whatever they decide to be. As a teacher, my strength is getting people to believe in themselves. I take them beyond their comfort zone and help them to develop self-confidence. It's all done through hard work and encouragement. I teach in all of our martial arts programs, Dragons - Black Belt, and lead our Extreme Fitness program.

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