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We offer birthday parties that are full of fun drills, games, and exercises in martial arts. Our birthday parties last 2 hours and costs $100.00 for up to 10 kids and $10.00 per kid for each additional kid.

What We Do:
  • Lead games and exercises
  • Provide the facility
  • Provide tables and chairs
  • Clean up
What You Do:
  • Set up
  • Provide food and drinks
  • Have fun with the kids

Personal Safety - Self-Defense: You Have the Power!

Our goals are simple. We want people to be more aware of their surroundings, learn how to avoid dangerous situations and feel empowered with the confidence of knowing a few basic self-defense tactics. People don't ever plan to fail...they fail to plan. Our programs help people develop their own list of personal safety "Do's and Don'ts, understand that successful self defense techniques are built around common sense and physics, and have a plan of action should they ever become a victim of violent crime.

Co-Project manager and facilitator for the WCWMAR Personal Safety - Self Defense workshops. Charlie has over 25 years experience in martial arts, fitness and personal safety instruction. He is a 6th degree black belt with West Coast World Martial Arts Association and has taught martial arts to people of all ages. He has conducted personal safety workshops for business and nonprofit organizations.

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